Cat Show Adventure

author Sara Thornton DVM  iCandy RagaMuffins

Ragamuffin kittenLast weekend was a typical cat show weekend for the most part. I took my kitten Sugar Daddy for his first time being judged. He was nervous Saturday morning. But, as the day wore on, he learned that it was fun being handled by judges and even decided to go up the pole for a toy! He earned several points and ribbons. Sunday was even better. He truly was a happy camper at the show.

I also took Jelly Belly to earn points for her grand championship. Jelly Belly has been to a number of shows, always with her slightly older sister, Pixi Stix. She really never seemed to get the hang of the judging; always sitting in a large lump on the judges table. However, this weekend was different. Pixi Stix stayed home and Jelly Belly decided to be a show cat. She enjoyed the attention of the judges, climbed the pole and played with the toys offered. I was thrilled she was so relaxed. She did well, earning many more points than I expected.

On Sunday, I decided to get both cats pictures done by the professional photographer. Sugar Daddy was a natural in Ragamuffin catsfront of the camera, posing and playing the toys. But, then it was Jelly Belly’s turn. She was NOT happy about the photographer’s tent. In hindsight, I should have just packed it in and taken her out. Instead, I tried to get her used to the tent and relaxed by feeding her treats and petting her. I left and returned to the tent two more times with her. On the last time, she seemed a bit better. The photographer was doing his best to get good photos when Jelly Belly decided she’d had enough and darted out of the tent into the show hall.

Every now and then, the phrase “cat loose” is shouted at a cat show. People know to close exit doors and start looking. This time it was my cat. I could see my Rubenesque cat (she takes her name seriously) zig zagging through the hall, with people pointing as she went by to make sure I could follow. Usually the cat loose at a show is a slinky Egyption Mau or Siamese. This time it was a portly RagaMuffin. Finally, Jelly Belly took a break under a table on top of a crate where she was retrieved and I was relieved.

That incidence was one adventure I would prefer NOT to repeat.



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