RagaMuffins vs Ragdolls….. What’s the Difference?

author Kristen Wiley  Imperial RagaMuffins

A question we are often asked is what is the difference between a Radoll and a RagaMuffin?  Here are some differences below:

  • RagaMuffins have fewer breeders, making them a rarer breed.
  • Due to our smaller amount of breeders, we have focused as a group more on health, and have striven to rid the breed of the Ragdoll HCM gene.
  • RagaMuffins have a shorter muzzle and more scooped nose.
  • Their head is more round rather than the flatter wedge shape of the Ragdoll.
  • Eyes are walnut shaped rather than almond.
  • RagaMuffins have puffy whisker pads which give them a sweet expression.
  • And of course color!  RagaMuffins can come in a variety of colors and patterns and Ragdolls are only recognized in pointed and bi-color patterns.
  • Eye color- Ragdolls have blue eyes and RagaMuffins can have a variety of colors.