RagaMuffin Eye Colors

author Lisa Rowe     Heavenly Muffins 

Just like their coat colors RagaMuffins can have a vast array of eye colors.   Of course pointed kitties have blue eyes.  They can come in different shades of blue.   This kitty is a cream silver lynx point and has beautiful blue eyes.


Minks should have blue to aqua eyes and can have green.  The shade will vary with the minks.  This kitty is a blue mink mctabby and has wonderful aqua eyes.  They can also have odd eyes too.

Then you have the white Ragamuffin that can have odd eyed or blue eyes, or even gold or green.  This white baby has blue eyes.

Solid RagaMuffins can have any eye color.  This kitty is a black van and has odd eyes.  His daughter is a silver patch tabby and white with blue eyes.

Sable kitties should have gold to green eyes.   This kitty is a sable tortie and has wonderful gold eye color

This is a champagne mink and white and she has more blue/pale eye color but still the correct color for her coat.

Here is a solid red tabby with gold eyes.

This is a brown patch tabby and white with green eyes.