Selkirk Outcross

DramaTails Chocolat of iCandy- Selkirk Straight


author Sara Thornton DVM        iCandy RagaMuffins

In February 2016, CFA approved the RagaMuffin Breed Council request for an outcross using the long haired Selkirk Rex, silky variety. The purpose of this was to  help RagaMuffin breeders  by adding  new blood to the gene pool. Not only may we benefit from the Selkirk bloodlines, but the Selkirk has outcrosses with the British Short Hair and the Persian. Lots of possibilities exist with this. The duty of the RagaMuffin breeder is to choose individuals with proper type, keeping in mind the sweet expression we all love along with proper coat, ear set, and muzzle. In addition, health screening is paramount as we want to safe guard our breed.