Cat Agility

author Sara Thornton DVM     iCandy RagaMuffins

Did you know that many Cat Fanciers’ Association shows have cat agility competitions? It’s true! And it is a lot of fun to watch. The cats go over jumps, through weave poles and tunnels. Some are just lightening fast; others, not so much because, well, cats are cats. Look here to get details.

I’ve tried it twice in the past. Once at the International Show when Beignet was a kitten. It was a no go. She was totally distracted and not interested. Then, I tried it again a little more than a year ago with Rolo. Again, the distractions in the show hall were more than he could deal with and he preferred being petted.

Last weekend, though, I decided to give my kitten Solo a chance. The people that run the agility rings are wonderful. They are skilled handlers that are there to help clueless people like me. They are so patient;  that patience was definitely appreciated with  Beignet and Rolo. But, I discovered Solo is a natural. The goal is for the kitty to follow a toy through the obstacles. She picked it up right away and zoomed through the course. There is a timer going and she came in at just over 19 seconds! And, she was ready to do it again. The second time, she shaved off 2 seconds. She ended up with the fastest time of the day, winning first place. And, yes, I was beaming.