Rule Changes

author Sara Thornton DVM      iCandy RagaMuffins

At the CFA annual, delegates voted on a couple of rule changes that I think will benefit those showing RagaMuffins. The first is to make grand championship points more accessible to earn when there are large entries. If there are 16-20 champions/premiers, first through fourth  places will be awarded; if there are over 20 entries, a fifth place will be awarded for points. This is a great step for minority breeds.It will take affect in the next show season.

An enormously beneficial vote added titles that can be earned by cats competing in both the premiership and championship classes. The change gives each category incremental titles that may be earned while attempting to get a grand title; bronze, silver and gold championships/premier titles. In championship class, points required are 50, 100, and 150. In premiership, points requires are 20, 40 and 60. I am unclear when this will take affect.

Another item addressed was the Ambassador cat program. In the works is a therapy cat program which will be super for me as I take my cats to visit in a nursing home.