Flying with Cats


Author Sara T Thornton DVM    iCandy RagaMuffins

A few years back, I decided to take a trip to Florida. Most people go to Disney World. Not me, I went for a cat show. You see, I had a flight voucher from a previous trip and, well, there was a show that the judges were good for my cats, and to make a long story short, it was  January in Pennsylvania. I asked a friend of mine to go with me to help wrangle cats and took off for sunny Florida.

I had never flown with pets before. The cats were used to traveling by car, but not plane. First I needed  two carriers that were airline approved to go under the seat. Then I had to plan all I needed for the weekend for me, the cats, and the show. My biggest concern was going through security with the kitties, keeping their stress levels as low as possible and then making the trip comfortable for them.

The trek through the Allentown, PA airport was fine. The TSA agents couldn’t have been nicer while doing their jobs. Ganache, the younger cat did not like the noise at the security walk through. Nougat, a seasoned traveler was fine. But, then, on the plane, Nougat got very upset. He was clearly distressed. It was a long couple of hours in the air.

Both cats were tired the next day at the show. I think traveling wore them out. But, it was a successful day with both kitties doing very well. The next day at the show was good as well. The judges liked my cats as did the numerous spectators. I walked out of the ring one time holding Nougat and was surrounded by cameras flashing. Nougat took it all in stride, posing like the beauty he is.

I dreaded the trip home, worried that Nougat would once again have a bad flight. While security through the Florida airport was much busier and more stressful, the cats did fine. Nougat had a much better flight on the way home. And then it snowed.