Retiring RagaMuffins

author Amy Gryga/Miller         Sweetlilpaws RagaMuffins

When you decide a kitten might not be quite the purrrfect fit for your lifestyle, often a very comfortable consideration is a kitty a little or a lot more mature.  Our retiring young adult RagaMuffins available for adoption have contributed to our family as very loved pets as well as by having amazing RagaMuffin kittens for us to share with many, many families.  We’ve loved the journey with them from their own kitten time all the way thru to adulthood and parenthood.  They’ve reached the next phase of their RagaMuffin adult lives where they need to be loved and adored as a family member with no other requirements than to enjoy every day.  Please understand, retiring adult ragamuffins are not simply grown kittens…they have experienced being in a large family group of other kitties with some being in charge.  They will need time to settle in to a new lifestyle in a way different from a kitten who has no life experience to bring with it.  They may, or may not, be more hesitant to accept new challenges such as other animals, small children or a very busy environment.  We are very happy to have a nice conversation with anyone thinking about an adult verses a kitten.