CFA International Show 2019

author Sara Thornton DVM                       iCandy RagaMuffins

I just came back from the 2019 Cat Fanciers’ Association  International show in Cleveland, Ohio. It was an epic event.  Hundreds of beautiful pedigreed cats, rescue cats available for adoption, celebrity cats for meet and greets (think Farrah Pawcett) , tons of vendors, a cat costume contest, educational seminars, and entertainment by the Savitsky cats were there for cat lovers to enjoy!

At the top of the list was spending time with RagaMuffin lovers from all the United States. Meeting a cyber friend in person was the best! Breeders brought out their best kitties to compete. Several of the judges made comments about the excellent quality of the RagaMuffins in the competition. Every person that exhibits an animal takes great pride in presenting a well groomed, well socialized example of the breed. It was great to get such positive feedback from the judges.

The International show is actually two shows going on at the same time. Each had approximately 400 cats entered. A total of eighteen RagaMuffins were shown with the biggest class in each show being the kitten class.

The spectators were out in force.  The public was anxious to get a look at the beautiful cats as well as watch cats run the agility course. The events going on all the time kept people busy the entire weekend. It was a pleasure to be able to share our love of the RagaMuffin breed with interested families.