New Baby Brother

author Lucile Gordon Press

Hello friends, My name is Levi, my mom says I am half RagaMuffin and half traveling salesman, whatever that means. My mom is a quilter and of course she needs a supervisor so I keep a paw on things. This is my new baby brother, Tavi. He is a four months old RagaMuffin. His name means “good” in Yiddish. My human mom bought a playpen for the little guy so we could get to know one another without having to sniff under the bathroom door and wonder about each other. Besides, he hated being alone in there and cried and cried and cried. It was very stressful for me so mom put him in the playpen. Here is Tavi learning to be a quilt supervisor. Whew, there’s a lot of neat stuff to get into! Falling asleep on the job! All those odd bits of fabric are hard to keep track of so I need 40 winks before I get my next lesson. Ahhhh….so comfy!

After an exhausting day my big 
brother is making sure I don’t
have nightmares. I’m so lucky
to have him for a big brother.

Wow! Look at this! Things actually
move in there. I wonder how they
get in?

One of the first days my brother 
and I got to spend together 
outside of my playpen. I was
feeling a little insecure and
really needed a hug. 
The playpen. My big brother likes
kitten food so mom feeds me 
in there to discourage him 
from stealing my food. 

A little love after a busy day.
Ahhh, this is the life!

Hope you enjoyed our introduction. 
Our mom, Lucile, will 
write her story in a future blog. 
Life is purrrrfect for us,
Levi and Tavi