Traveling Litter Box

author Sara Thornton DVM                          iCandy RagaMuffins

I found it at last. The perfect traveling litter box is in my grasp. I’ve been traveling and staying in motels with my cats for years.  But, every litter box seems to have a drawback. Cardboard ones can leak,  plastc ones can be awkward to pack and difficult to cleanly empty at the end of a motel stay. The foldable ones are a challenge to clean.

And then I discovered Tubtrugs. They are flexible tubs that come in different sizes and colors.  Now known as gorilla tubs, they are easy to clean, handy to pack, a piece of cake to empty into a trash bag and the sides are high enough to prevent the cats from spreading litter everywhere.

I, of course, bought pink. The 4 gallon, 15 inch diameter seems to be ideal for travel. I also bought a spare, which the cats are currently using as a cozy bed with a towel in it.

While I can’t report on its long term sturdiness yet,  I can certainly say it fits the bill.