Canned Food Warmer For Pets

author Sara Thornton DVM               iCandy RagaMuffins

I was sitting around chatting at a cat show with friends recently when one mentioned having a canned food heater that she used to make the food more attractive for her cats. I had never heard of such a thing!

A quick Google search revealed that, yes, there existed an Animal’s Instinct Pet Food Warmer. I read through the web site, learning that putting pet food cans inside what looked like a small incubator, warmed the food to 102 degrees, which is approximate body temperature for cats and dogs.

My friend that has been using one for years told me how happy she was with it. It has a small footprint on the kitchen counter, it is easy to clean,  and the cats seem to really enjoy their  food more.

That did it. It was closing in on Christmas and I decided my cats NEEDED one for their holiday gift. They didn’t ask for one. After all, how could they ask if they didn’t know the product existed?

It was delivered promptly and put in use immediately. It is easier when using multiple cans than microwaving and there are no hot spots that can happen in the microwave.  Do the cats prefer their canned food more? Honestly, I’m not sure. But, I feel like it is certainly possible.