Just Right

author Robert Hamera         Slice of Life


Sleeping – we all do it – we all need it – many of us don’t get enough of it.

Because sleeping is so important, it is vital that we have a comfortable spot where we can lay our weary head and get the shut-eye we all need and deserve.

We are also familiar with the story of Goldilocks.  She had to try three different beds before she found one that was “Just right.”

I am hoping that these examples of where to sleep help you pick out the perfect spot if you don’t already have one.

Sometimes you need a place that is out of the way.  A place where no one can get to you or bother you.  This spot is just right.


Of course, you can never have too much padding at your sleeping spot.  In fact. the more padding the softer and better.  This spot is just right.


Sometimes when you sit down to eat you may realize that a little nap is more important than food.  If that is the case, then this spot is just right.


Have you ever just tried stretching out on the floor?  Some might think it is a bit hard, but with padding and warm rug this spot is just right.


A comfy recliner is the perfect spot for a mid-afternoon nap.  You can see that this spot is just right.


If you are bothered by noise and foot traffic it is important that you find a spot where you won’t in in danger of being walked on.  This spot is just right.


This might not be to  everyone’s liking, but if you don’t mind a bony area then this spot is just right.



Finally, when you are really tired there is no place like bed.  Don’t forget, if it’s cold remember to pull up the covers.  This spot is just right.