Quarantine Crazies

RagaMuffin kittens

author Kristen Wiley-Imperial Rags         Imperial Rags RagaMuffins
I know we are all experiencing it. The Quarantine Crazies. I have 3 teenagers that are homeschooling now, if you want to call it that. It’s more like constant prodding to figure that crap out. It’s been a learning curve for kids, parents, and teachers alike. The cats are enjoying it though I think. All the couch time with our lap warmers present. They have all been brushed more than they need or are used to. Because what better do I have to do? Clean my house?? Nah I’d rather brush the cats.
Targa, our very loud Bengal, has taken to asking to be picked up 24/7. I firmly believe they know when we are anxious or stressed and provide for a good distraction. My husband suffers from anxiety, so this time of uncertainty has been especially hard on him. He is most often found in our extra bedroom that I have dedicated to our RagaMuffin kitten area. He spends hours playing with kittens and having them in his lap to help soothe his anxiousness.
I hope all of you are surviving the Crazies and are staying home and healthy. We can’t know what our future will look like, but I can guarantee that it looks a little better with a cat or five in our lap. Hug your fur babies a little extra and thank them for the distraction.