COVID-19 Cruciferous Crusade

author Terri Cassiday         Xpressions RagaMuffins

The recent Covid-19 virus has affected everyone. Some people more than others. When our county put in place the “stay home stay in place” my thoughts went where every cat owners mind went. I quickly checked my stash of cat food and litter…all good. My personal pantry was pretty bare, but no matter, my cats were set. I settled in thankful to not have to go anywhere with plenty of time to dote on my litter of kittens.
Then…..the kittens mom developed mastitis. Thankfully, the vet was considered an essential business. I took her to the vet which somewhat resembled a drive thru. The vet tech met me in the parking lot took the crate inside leaving me anxiously outside. Medication was prescribed as well as instructions to apply warm compresses. That seemed simple enough. Simple? SIMPLE? Of course not!

Many of you know that cabbage leaves applied to the affected area has been used as remedy not only for humans but for animals. Thus began my crusade for the magical cruciferous cabbage. I had to get a cabbage! Off to the war zone formerly known as the grocery store. After waiting an hour in line complying with the “six foot rule”, it was my turn. Off to the produce department I went. I’d never witnessed anything so bare, but a cabbage, surely one cabbage would be there. Nope! The race was on to the second store. This time during my wait to get in, I came up with my back up plan. I would put together an Insta Cart order just in case. This stores produce department was better, but still no cabbage. Who eats that stuff? Becoming desperate, I spotted an employee. When I greeted him, he turned around and the look on his face almost made me forget what I needed. This poor man looked how I pictured one to look on the front lines of war. Embarrassed I asked him something that I’m sure he’s never been asked before. “Please sir, I know you are overwhelmed but I’m in need of one or two cabbage leaves for my daughter who has the medical condition mastitis. Is it possible that there are a few leaves that may have fallen off in the packing boxes?”. Yes…I know it’s not the truth, but do you really think he would have looked for a cat? He was gracious enough to look, but I went homeRagaMuffin leafless.

I may have lost the battle, but not the war. My Insta Cart order was still being delivered. I was contacted by my shopper. Most of my order was there….but yes…you guessed it no cabbage! I put in my next Insta Cart order, which was now two days, then three out for delivery.
Meanwhile, I’m giving the medication and applying the compresses, which by the way she loves. Five days later the mastitis is gone. Yay! Now guess what was delivered that day. You are right…a cabbage!!

I’m now the proud owner of a cabbage! Yuck! Apparently, it’s a much more popular vegetable than I thought. Hmmmmm….maybe I can sell it on the green market.
By the way, I now have a momma cat that expects her daily spa treatment of warm compresses. Should I add some cucumber slices for her eyes?