Litter Robot


author -Kristen Wiley      
We have three Litter Robots. I wish I had just one more though. They are however not a cheap purchase! They do help use less litter so will eventually pay for themselves. Our RagaMuffins had a pretty easy adjustment to switch over. We have added new kitties that have been scared at first, so we shut them down so it doesn’t clean until they have gotten used to it. There is a timed feature you can adjust to 3, 7, or 15 minutes for it to clean after your cat leaves the box. It also features a nightlight (which can be programmed off) which I love because it lights up my way to the human bathroom at night. You can also program it to not cycle at night if it’s in your bedroom.
Cleaning is not as hard as I worried it would be. We wipe in between times with paper towels and vinegar but eventually I like to hose them out. The globe detaches to make that easy. They do come with their brand of bags for the waste drawer, but I use kitchen garbage bags and then use to scoop the other boxes. They do have a minimum weight of 5 pounds so they don’t always run if your using them in a kitten room so we have to hit the manual cycle button a couple times a day. They have a connect model that connects via WiFi to your phone app also if you are interested in remote controls and also tracking of your cats usage. It will also text you when the waste drawer is full.
We love our boxes and if your someone with carpel tunnel syndrome or arthritis and have trouble scooping or maybe just do not want to scoop, this may be the solution for you! For a $25 off coupon and free shipping there is a link on our Home webpage at the bottom.