6 Great Reasons to Choose a Retired Cat

Ragamuffin cat

Yvonne with retired kitty Tessa

author Lynda Jay                  Gentlepurrs/ Serendippity RagaMuffins


Here are six positive reasons to consider choosing that older RagaMuffin over a kitten. Most retired show and/or breeding cats are young adults. They have many years left to be enjoyed with you.


Reason #1

Older cats are great for older people. An adult RagaMuffin is a much better match for a retired person. An older cat appreciates the value of companionship and is grateful to be with you and will be very loyal. They appreciate being able to retire and take life easy and being spoiled. There is less risk of an older cat out living his companion and ending up in a shelter.


Reason #2

You can not always be sure of a young kitten’s personality. By choosing a retired RagaMuffin, you can choose the personality you want. From a cat that likes to play with you and craves attention to a de-stressing cat that quietly curls up in your lap and purrs. With an adult cat you get no surprises, their personalities are complete.


Reason #3

Kitten can be very “chewy”. Like little two legged children, kittens put everything in their mouth. They will chew on electrical cords, computer cables, phone chargers, books, magazines, important papers, plastic bags, etc. Kittens are aways under foot and can cause you to trip. Adult RagaMuffins have given up that foolish behavior in favor of more passive past times, naps.


Reason #4

Kittens are high octane! Kittens wake up in the middle of the night and decide to play with your toes or lick your face. Kittens will break things, climb drapes, unroll tissue paper. Once the kitten discovers how to start the unrolling process, he just can’t stop until it’s all unrolled. Retired RagaMuffin cats sleep through the night, choosing beauty sleep over play.


Reason #5

Retired cats were chosen for their sweet docile personality and good looks as well as meeting the breed standard. It is true that breeders always keep the best for themselves. These RagaMuffin cats have both looks and personality. Many retired cats were show cats at some time so they are use to being handled by strangers and have travel experience. They will enjoy going on trips with you. A healthy cat can live into their late teens, so you’ll have many happy healthy years together.


Reason #6

You’ve heard “curiosity killed the cat”. Inquisitive RagaMuffin kittens are more likely to get into trouble. They will eat things they shouldn’t, fall from high places, and go where they shouldn’t, such as in dryers, drawers, cabinets, etc. Adult cats have been there, done that, and don’t put themselves into dangerous situations.