Unusual Use of Parfum

Author Randy Schmidt                  New Walden RagaMuffins

I have to share a true happening. My 2nd Great-Grandmother and my lst Great-Grandmother and my Grandmother all wore a perfume called “English Tweed” which was supported by the Queen of England originally. It was beautiful light fragrance, and I loved it on my Grandmothers as a child, so when I became a young girl, I started wearing it too. I always received multiple compliments from men and women. Well shortly after the time that Westminister Abbey caught fire in England if you remember news several years ago, I began having a hard time ordering my perfume every company I approached was running low on supply, and one after another no longer carried it. What was shipped to the US was package and sold from the Lethargic (sp) company.

I finally talked to a buyer through one of the department stores, and she gave me the story that the Queen had sold out some of the Royalty assets,and it no longer was being sold to the US. Well, I bought all that I could find. Then finally no more, so, I started some research on perfumes and since I am of Scotch, Irish, English, and Native American descent, I thought I should check out these countries fragrances.

As it turns out I came upon a 100% pure Parfum called “Green Irish Tweed. Well why not try it. There were several prices and since I was a little strapped for luxuries at that time. I chose a cheaper Essential Oils Creation that was suppose to expertly mimic the original Irish tweed.

Well all I had to do was open the bottle, and I knew I would never wear it.

Now you are asking, what does cats have to do with this perfume. Bare with me, you shall see. My stud males are housed in the office and library, with 2 double decks doors and a six foot wide window, with birdfeeder sand wildlife feeding stations visible as well as a exercise wheel, and toys. This room is separated from the rest of the great room by French glass doors. We also have cat proof the bookcases by hooking enameld mason board on the lower shelves when not in use and covering office equipment with Rubbermaid bins, so when the males spray the hit these areas and are easily wiped down with bleach.

Well, one day all three had decided to spray up the room, because of a feral cat visitation outdoors. I guess they had a contest as to who could spray the most. To make a long story short. I walked into the office in the morning and had to hold my nose. I had tried different air fresheners, etc., but nothing ever is 100%. So, I washed it all down, and was going by bathroom cabinet when I saw that ungodly bottle of perfume oil. “Hmmm, why not!” So I took this Perfume Oil Blend and put a couple of drops on each Rubbermaid bin,window and door glasses and masonite hangings and desks spots. I could not believe it. Not one of those bins or hangings or anything was sprayed. SO MAMA’S SPRAY WORKED MIRACLES. THE GUYS KNOW THAT THOSE THINGS ARE MAMA’S TERRITORY, AND SO WE NOW LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER, BUT I AM NOT CRUEL THEY HAVE ONE PLACE IN ONE CORNER THAT THEY CAN SPRAY IN CONTEST WITH ONE ANOTHER, THE TOP OF A BIN, AND TRY TO OUTMATCH ONE ANOTHER AND I CLEAN IT EVERY MORNING WITH THEIR LITTER CLEANING. BUT, YES WE LIVE much more HAPPILY EVER AFTER.