Rethink Supplements for Breeding Animals

author Sara Thornton DVM       iCandy RagaMuffins

Some people like to feed supplements to their breeding dogs or cats, thinking that it  is more likely to be helpful than harmful. According to Michael Peterson MS DVM, certain supplements can cause problems in both pregnant dogs and cats and should not be used.

One common example is adding calcium to the diet of an expectant mother; doing so  actually decreases fetal size and increases the incidence of problems at birth.

Increased levels of vitamin A contributes to congenital defects.

Calcium metabolism is affected by vitamin D supplementation.

B vitamins are bound when raw egg is fed.

Raspberry leaves increase the incidence of dystocia.

Feeding cottage cheese alters the Ca:P ratio which is problematic for neonates.

The bottom line is to think twice prior to adding supplement to an otherwise balanced diet.