Facts? About Cats

author Terri Cassiday        Xpressions RagaMuffins

RagaMuffin kittenOver the years I’ve learned a few things about cats and their caretakers. There is much more for the my RagaMuffins to teach me. Luckily, they are patient. Okay, maybe not patient, stuck with me.

Here’s a few of them:

Cats don’t see a glass as half empty or half full…it’s to be emptied! Buy one can of cat food and they will devour it…Buy a case of that same food and they’ll bury it!

What’s mine is theirs…What’s theirs is theirs.

Cats can magically grow extra toes when it’s time to cut their nails.

Brush a RagaMuffin and you’ll have enough fur to make another cat.

It’s impossible to keep your clothes “fur free” in the amount of time it takes from the dryer to the closet. Never wearRagaMuffin kitten pants that are black, navy, brown, white…NEVER wear pants!

No matter how large your house is… they are ALL in the same room with you. Invite a group of people to your home and your cat will choose the person that likes the cat the least to sit on…In my case their head!

There is no such thing as a clean litter box…When you finish cleaning it, they reward you by using it.

It doesn’t matter how often you vacuum, litter will be everywhere…the plus side of this is, if you go barefoot, it’s a great exfoliant. ?

With cats you will never pick up your feet to walk…cat people have perfected the “slide glide”.

We slump when we walk because we need to look down…Heck! Cat owners had “tech neck” before it was a thing!

It will take an hour to make the bed because of their “help”….minutes before the bed bed is unmade because of their “help”.

Your RagaMuffins will appreciate that cute food mat you had to purchase…it’s fun to drag around with the once full water bowl.

As I said before, I have so much more that I’ve learned and need to learn.

Finally, I’ll leave you with one more lesson:

I’ve learned to live with much less…because they’ve taken so much more!