Probiotics for an Upper Respiratory Infection?


author Sara Thornton DVM                                  iCandy RagaMuffins

Part of my job as a veterinarian is to keep up with advances in research. That means, in addition to reading, pre-COVID going to seminars and now during COVID, attending webinars at home. Last week I attended a webinar that I didn’t expect would bring any lightbulb moments. But, in reality it did! The presenter was Mike Lappin, DVM, PhD, DACVIM, who is a distinguished lecturer that I have been a fan of for years.

Recent evidence shows that specific probiotic supplementation can help fight a common cause of respiratory illness in cats, feline herpes virus type 1. Probiotic that contains E faecium SF68 , available on the marketplace as Forte Flora, has  immunomodulatory effects that enhance T-helper cells in cats. Trials indicate that utilizing Forte Flora helps infected cats recover much faster and likely decreases the severity of the disease in these cats.

Forte Flora has a high level of palatability. It is commonly used for gastrointestinal disease to improve the microbiome of the gut. This is good news for cats that suffer recurrent bouts of herpes flares. In addition, it is another tool in the box for breeders.