A Meditative Season

author Randy H. Schmidt                                   New Walden RagaMuffins


For those of us who live in the temperate climates we have four seasons to choose from.  Spring  is for me the best of the seasons with bright welcoming sunshine after a dark gray winter. New life springing forth like American Beauty snowdrops, and kelly green grass peeking out around rocks, fruit trees blossoming, jonquels and  daffodils waving in the fresh spring breeze blue bells blooming in the woods and crocus beaming at your feet. Your household and your RagaMuffin felines are growing closer to a birthing of a new litter of kittens along with many animals in the cadence of spring warmth and beauty.

However, there is another season which I look forward to.  That is fall, my second choice and it in some ways is even more glorious than the first, especially the color palette.  It is a creation of the pregnant pause at the end of summer the ‘growing drowsiness of the season that leads us into the Fall, particularly the month of October with its frosty mornings, crisp autumn air and brilliant colors.

Scientists tell us that it is the pollen being dispersed at this time of the year that can be the cause of the drowsiness effect, and that may be true to some extent, but whatever the cause, it is a time of meditation and soaking in the change in the world around you and all the varieties that the Fall days provide to our very souls. We may slip off into daydreaming periods, with the busy insects humming and buzzing as a background symphony to our ears.

Take for instance the dawn of a new fall morning, I snuggle into a warm flannel shirt, make myself a cup of coffee and step out of doors to welcome in the new crisp fall air and frosty morning.  The coyotes and racoons are returning to their dens. The deer and turkeys are feasting on acorns and various seeds. The squirrels and chipmunks are filling up their lauders for the long winter rest ahead. I fill up the birdfeeders for the hungry flocks coming through on their migrations south.

Then, I retreat to a soft chair behind glass doors with my cup of warmth cradle between my hands and all my RagaMuffins and their anticipatory gazes and winkings for this ritual morning rendezvous of resting and soaking in the warmth of the Sun together.  There is no better feeling. It is a moment of heaven.  You are all connected and of one accord.

This is also the time of the year that the RagaMuffin litter of kittens born in the Spring and early Summer are at their most perfect ages.  They are full of life and love. They tumble and toss over one another and play chasing games with a toy mouse, take part in mock battles to the art of besting the other.   They jump at dust particles floating in the sun rays, chase glowing coral leaves flying across the deck in front of the glass doors and windows.  They are little innocent balls of fluff with purrs so loud and comforting they can put you to sleep.   You can watch them in a daydream daze for hours. They roll over and turn their tummies up for petting and kneed their little paws in the air, all the while looking into your eyes with unconditional love.   It doesn’t get any better in my opinion.