Are You My Mother?

author Terri Cassiday                                        Xpressions RagaMuffins


Many of us of had the pleasure of growing up with Dr. Seuss books. A recent experience brought the book ‘Are You My Mother?’ by P.D. Eastman to mind. This children’s book is about a baby bird (that fell out of its nest) search for its mother whom it’s never seen. It walks around asking everything if it’s his mother. My RagaMuffins reminded me of this baby bird.

There had been a series of events that had left me heartbroken. It was a lot to process and this led me to tears. Crying is not something my cats have seen often, if at all. How my RagaMuffins reacted to me made me think about this book.

When the tears started to flow, it was interesting to see my cats different reactions. They looked at me as if to say are you my mother? Their reactions couldn’t have been more different. My diva approached me and looked as if to say; what is that ugly display of human emotion and walked away. My velcro kitty climbed into my lap and nestled into me. Something she always does, but I preferred to think she was comforting me. My contemplative kitty approached me like I was from another planet. She slinked close enough to me to get a good look, but still stayed far enough away to be able to escape if need be. This certainly was not their mother!

About an hour later, ( yes, I know) the diva came back to look at me. This time I am pretty sure she was wondering if my present state was going to hinder me from being able to feed her. Velcro kitty was still in my lap purring away. Contemplative kitty was now closer, but kept a close eye on me just in case. After all, this was not their mother.

More time went by and I was still visibly upset. The diva was getting concerned. Her expression was softer. She looked at me and then velcro kitty and then back at me. She sauntered away looking back at me as if to say velcro kitty has this. Velcro kitty was staying very close to me. She followed me around the house and then jumped back into my lap when I sat down. Contemplative kitty’s body language had changed and she was now on the back of my chair. She reached out occasionally putting her paw on my shoulder. Maybe this was their mother.

Eventually, these RagaMuffins finally saw their mother return to herself. She was no longer doing strange things and making strange noises. Their mother was not a dog, nor a plane, nor a hen, nor a snort (although she occasionally sounded like one)…..

The End