Registering RagaMuffin Kittens

RagaMuffin kitten

auther Sara Thornton DVM                         iCandy RagaMuffins

As a long time Labrador breeder, I found that if you simply hand registration papers to new puppy owners, tell them to fill them out and send them in, it never gets done. So, I learned to register the puppies for the new family. I did the same for the microchip I placed.

When starting my RagaMuffin breeding program, I found that CFA makes it easy for a breeder to register kittens when they are placed.  When registering a litter online, I can simply pay for registration for the number of kittens in the litter. Then, when kittens are placed, I go back on line and fill in the information on the new owner. Easy peasy. CFA will process the information in a couple of weeks; I then can go online and have the new registration certificate emailed to me. I forward the certificate to the new family…..and check in on how the kitten is doing!

Why is it important to register all our RagaMuffin kittens?  We are in love with a minority breed. In sheer numbers, we are very low compared to many breeds. When the Cat Fanciers’ Association is making decisions that affect the cat fancy, we need to be heard. The more cats we have registered, the louder our voices are. It’s that simple.

The cost  to a breeder of registering every RagaMuffin  is minimal. The labor involved is minor. I have found that my buyers appreciate it. So, why not?