Kitten Spay/Neuter

RagaMuffin kitten

author Sara Thornton DVM                                                 iCandy RagaMuffins

One topic that comes up when I get inquiries about kittens is the fact I spay and neuter all my RagaMuffin kittens before they go to their homes. Many modern breeders are doing the same. Occasionally, I have a potential kitten adopter concerned about surgery on such a young kitten. It’s a fair question.

The Winn Foundation, a forerunner in cat health, published a paper some time ago addressing of pediatric spay/neuter procedures.  ( The Foundation is favor of doing the procedure prior to five months of age. Many veterinarians put a weight limit on the surgery such as 2 or 3 lbs . I like to have the kittens be at least 12 weeks old to ensure the liver and kidneys are working well.

Since becoming a RagaMuffin breeder, it has been an education just how well these kittens do post op. As a veterinarian, I take my kittens to my hospital the day of surgery and then take them home at the end of the day. They are treated with appropriate pain medicine, and honestly, are bouncing around the house in the evening, none the worse for wear.

Why do I WANT to alter the RagaMuffin kittens prior to placing them in their new homes? In my veterinary practice, I have seen far too many people get a kitten and just never schedule surgery for it until after the female escapes and comes home pregnant or the male is spraying urine in the house. Another reason is the unscrupulous buyer that really just wants to produce kittens and purchases a cat to breed without proper mentoring, no desire to do genetic testing, and no quality breeding plan.

My kittens do well going to their homes usually a few day after surgery. My hospital staff loves the days the kittens come in! Employment perk….