Black Friday Deals

Years ago, I would have been looking for other items, like clothes or appliances. These days, I just shop for the RagaMuffins. And I’m picky. No 15% off for me. It’s got to be at least 25% off for me to look. Canned food is my primary target.  I am pretty loyal to Science Diet and Royal Canin kibble. But, for canned food, I pretty much get what they will eat.

Wednesday night was Chewy night. I am embarrassed to write how much I spent. I am now thinking about where I can possibly stack all the cases. Thursday, Amazon had great deals. So I bought more, lots more. And then Friday…..I continued stalking sites. I mean, how could I turn down buying two jars of Churu treats and get one free?

Oh well, I figure cat food casserole may be in my future.