My New Year’s Resolution

Ragamuffin cat

author Sara Thornton DVM                   iCandy RagaMuffins

I am generally pretty good about scheduling things: dentist, hairdresser, oil change, etc. Pet care has been second nature as well. Heartworm prevention, flea and tick contro,  wellness exams are all done on time and routinely. Doggie nail trims, kitten nail trims and equine hoof trims (and dentistry) are all performed on a fixed schedule.

I realized my cat schedule could use some work though. My RagaMuffin cats that are being shown are regularly groomed and have their pedicures. My rescues and other RagaMuffins have been, well, hit and miss for the comb outs and nail trims. I need to do better. I have a couple of old rescues that really need more nail care than they are getting.

So, I put them ALL on a schedule. The goal is to take care of one adult every day. Alphabetical order so I don’t miss anyone. Doing this frequently will keep their nails in excellent condition and the coats even better. I’m lucky in that only the old rescues tend to mat….I shave them down occasionally. The other kitties just need a nice comb out to maintain their beautiful coats.