And This Chair is…….JUST RIGHT

author Patti Grow                            RagaMuffin lover

Ragamuffin catWell, my RagaMuffin cat Fudgie never ceases to amaze me!  Since I retired, all of my dogs and cats feel that I am their constant waitress.  The cats in particular are demanding, and they become quite irritated if I don’t stop immediately what I am doing and tend to them! Of course, what else could be more important – to them anyway!  ?

After catering to their every whim, it is finally time to sit down and do something for ME – like read!  I absolutely look forward to sitting in MY favorite chair to read and occasionally take a quick “cat nap” myself.  After all, I spend most of my waking hours catering to them, so I deserve some relaxing time.
Wrong – silly me!  Fudgie has claimed MY chair as HIS favorite  RagaMuffin napping spot.Ragamuffin cat  Well, napping may be an understatement, since once Fudgie decides to settle down for his nap, it is a LONG winter’s nap!  I have even tried sitting and coaxing him to sit on my lap to no avail.  Then, I thought I would be generous and offer to share a spot in the chair with him. Well, you can imagine that move only gained me lots of dirty looks and glares – the nerve of ME to sit in HIS chair!
I am sure you figured out the ending by now.  Much like Goldilocks, Fudgie found the chair that is just the right size for him!  As of now, I am on my own to claim a new spot to call MY own!!  ?