RagaMuffins Provide Entertainment

author Lucile Gordon Press                                         aka The RagaMuffin Mom.
In the best of times and the worst of times we are all blessed to have our RagaMuffins to keep us company and, in many cases, entertain us. I am no exception.

Just when I think, “oh Lord just get me through another day of “Covid Captivity”… Tavi, who knows no boundaries, leaps from my husbands’ dresser onto the bed with glee and lets me know, “it’s time for breakfast Mom”. I ask myself, how does an eleven pound cat turns into a 25 pound cat in the blink of an eye? Whereas, Levi is very subtle, he stands next to the bed and pitifully “chirps” then flops down heavily on the carpet as if he’s fainted from hunger. With these theatrics in the morning put on for my benefit, how can I resist?

I stumble into the bathroom with my “supervisors” trailing behind me and they wait until I’ve completed my ablutions and cleaned out their cat boxes. They seem to think if they allow me some privacy I may not survive the flushing toilet! As soon as they hear the mighty flush they dash down the hall to leap up on the kitchen island and wait for me to begin breakfast preparations. They both look pleased with themselves and give me the “look” as if to say, “so what took you so long?” When breakfast is served, Tavi decides he wasn’t all that hungry after all and will leap off the kitchen island to take a stroll over to Levis’ bowl to see if he got something better. Levi, being the gentleman he is, just lets him do it!

Now it’s time to make the bed. Needless-to-say, both of them think I need help doing this minor task too. Comforter fluffing is especially fun … as soon as I lift it two furry bodies dash under the covers and want to play some games known only to cats. I’ll pull the covers up and there are two mysterious ‘humps’ in the middle of the bed. Eventually they’ll slide out and a short time later I’ll find them napping.

I pad out of the bedroom and try to sneak into the shower. Some secret signal alerts the nappers and they troop in to watch the shower process. When I turn off the water and open the shower door RagaMuffin Tavi likes to get into the shower and hop up on the shower chair my late husband used to use and wait for the toweling process to finish. The hair dryer is a bit scary so they wait just outside the bathroom until it’s turned off and safely stored away before accompanying me to the walk-in closet to get my clothes for the day. Inevitably someone gets left in the closet and moment later I’ll hear a pitiful wail … honest-to-Pete, I think to myself, you’d think with all this daily supervision they know when I turn off the closet light I’m leaving and going to close the door so how is it one of them is always getting left behind???
Now it’s time to “help” me choose fabric for my next quilt. One will lie on my ruler and the other one will lie down on any fabric I’ve put onto the cutting table to hold it in place for me. Next is the race to see who gets to sit on my sewing chair. I’ve actually put two chairs at my sewing table so I can sit down to sew and the “boys” will supervise while sitting in the chair next to me. Have to iron those seams … they are not allowed on the ironing table for obvious reasons but they’ll opt to stand next to me while I iron my fabric. Tavi likes to tip the trash can over so he can see if there are any scraps he might like to use for his own RagaMuffin collection! Needless to say, I find these scraps all over my home in the most unlikely places. We’ll work in the sewing room for a couple of hours, well I work, and they take intermittent naps.
Each day is different and I find myself looking forward to what they’ll “teach” me next … after all I’m still in training at the “Catch a Mouse School”. Until next time … stay well.