Water Cooler for “Cool Cats”? Yes Please

Author Patti Grow                                              RagaMuffin lover


Ragamuffin catSo, who says you don’t learn something new every day?  And … I “thought” I knew simply everything there is to know about cats!  Boy, was I wrong about that assumption?  ?  RagaMuffin Fudgie is my buddy, and truth be told, he teaches me something new every single day … and then some!  Recently, he had a health condition where he needed to increase his water intake.  Easy enough, right? Well … not so easy indeed for me!  What kind of fountain, what model, what make, what size – and on and on the endless list of questions began to form in my mind.  My immediate quest began for the “perfect” water fountain for my beloved friend!


You see, I am a firm believer that nothing happens by coincidence and that things work out just like they are supposed to.  Upon learning the diagnosis of Fudgie, I made a stop to my “go to” locally owned pet food store on my way home.  Anyway, one thing led to another during our conversation, and we started talking about the need for Fudgie to drink more water daily.  The girl who works there has a cat similar to Fudgie, and she immediately suggested and recommended that I invest in a water fountain “just for cats”?  Who knew such an item existed on our planet?  I certainly was not aware of this!  And bonus, she printed out an informational pamphlet recommending THE “purrfect” fountain for my dear sweet feline.  ?


And so, of course, I couldn’t wait to arrive home to place the order for a fountain for him.  After all, as pet owners, we always strive to do our absolute best for our furry family.  So, a few clicks of the mouse later, the order was placed for not only the fountain but also the matching waterproof mat and the fountain cleaning kit.  Oh, and wait – I also added an interactive water fountain censor to the shopping cart – just for fun!  This sensor was designed to making drinking water an interactive game by increasing his curiosity in an effort to increase hydration in felines.


Well, a few days later, the parcel post service arrived with Fudgie’s fountain!  And amazingly, it wasRagaMuffin the best investment I have ever made! Not only does Fudgie absolutely love his new fountain, this RagaMuffin now guards the fountain and wants it all for himself!  Well, on occasion, he will begrudgingly allow his sissy cat a few drinks at the fountain.  ? Honestly, I am “furever” thankful that I made the choice to purchase a drinking fountain for him.


It reminds me of when I used to work and I often heard the phrase “hanging around the water cooler” at a workplace as a meeting place to converse.  Apparently, this also applies to cats, since they too seem to be of the notion that felines also prefer to hang out around the water cooler/fountain!  I may be quite biased, but Fudgie does certainly rock the image of the “coolest” cat!  <3