Sir Gilbert Gets a Gift

author Stephanie Valligny                                RagaMuffin lover

Ragamuffin catA few weeks ago I surprised RagaMuffin iCandy  Sir Gilbert with a cat tree.  My very active boy is approaching his first birthday, and he loves to climb up anything he can get his paws on.  I thought a cat tree would be the purrfect thing for him.  I discovered Furwood Forest from fellow iCandy RagaMuffin families and I quickly got on the phone with Steve to order one.  This isn’t just an ordinary cat tree.  Our sturdy creation stands nearly 6’ tall, has several platforms, cradles, and a scratching post, all of which are wrapped in a cozy carpet that accents the naturally arched wood branches.  It arrived carefully packaged.  I excitedly unwrapped it and waited for Sir Gilbert to check it out.  After adding some toys and rattling the treat bag nearby, Sir Gilbert went out on a limb to investigate.  He jumped from platform to cradle, branching out to test each level.  There is plenty of room for this big guy, and he loves to zoom up and perch in the highest cradle to watch the birds outside.  I am thrilled RagaMuffin Sir Gilbert is enjoying his beautiful new tree.


Ragamuffin cat