Ragamuffin cat
author Terri Cassiday                                   Xpressions RagaMuffins
This is about our grand daughter and our cat Al.
These two have had that special connection from the beginning. For years when our grand daughter has come over Al hears her voice and comes running. She flings her backpack open and Al rummages around in it. These two love each other’s company.
Recently, Al was limping and off to the vet we went. After the vet ruled out broken bones, Al was diagnosed having soft tissue damage. He needed to be confined. No running, jumping etc. (HUH! This is a CAT). We decided the best place was to remove a few things from the office and keep him in there.
When our grand daughter heard of his injury and that we were keeping him in the office, she insisted on coming over. “He will be lonely and scared”she said. Over she came with her back pack filled with things for her and Al. This energetic little girl sat with him all day reminding him to stay still. She talked to him, petted him, and tried to show him how to play games on the iPad. Al remained still all day looking adoringly at his best friend.
This simple act of friendship will remain in my heart forever. I feel blessed to be able to have witnessed this.