Have Some Fun

RagaMuffin kitten


author Cathy Foldesi                                                    RagaMuffin lover


Remember when you were a kid and you enjoyed opening presents and ended up playing with the boxes as much as the contents of the gifts themselves. Fun time right?

Kittens are the same way.  If you haven’t had the fun of watching your cat with a bag or box, please take the time to give your kitten these items.  Pure joy for all.

You will laugh as your cat will probably play endlessly with  a paper bag or box.  RagaMuffin iCandy Windsor has had a paper bag on our floor all week.  He runs and attacks it over and over. He pushes it all over the room. He  hangs out inside it too.  Once, it was a surprise to me when I  went to move it and he was resting in it.  We watch and listen for the rustling of the paper and we start laughing. I gave him a box with paper in it and he did not really enjoy it but he adores the paper grocery bag.   He has not destroyed it with his nails but so what if he did. I would just get him another bag to enjoy.


We haven’t had a young kitten in our home for many years and I must admit I had forgotten how cute they are.  Our older cats have been wonderful and we have enjoyed them a lot but they  pretty much stopped playing with toys by the time they were three years old.  It is funny to see our other older cat’s expression when Windsor is playing hard.  Seth our 11 year old cat is a Norwegian Forest Cat.  He looks at the RagaMuffin kitten playing and seems to say “you crazy kid, I did not sign up for all of this”.  Windsor also enjoys the toys on a string that have a bird -like sound device on them.  He runs up and attacks them often throughout the day.  If I am in another room I get a chuckle out of hearing him playing with these toys. We have two of them hanging on door knobs.  Windsor plays hard and rest even harder. After playing awhile he naps and even snores a little bit.  And, of course he is a wonderful cuddler and loves to snuggle. He loves to have his forehead and chin scratched.  A few extra kitty treats, now and then, are always a welcomed pleasure for both cats.  I am going to get out another box for Windsor to try, and put some paper in it to see if he like this box better.

Now, folks please go get a paper bag or box out for your kitten and have FUN!

Added note… Please do not use plastic bags as this could be dangerous for your cat.

Yes, Windsor liked the smaller box with paper in it.

So yes, the fun continues!