In Hindsight

Author  RH Schmidt                                              New Walden RagaMuffins

This last year has been hard for many beings upon our Mother Earth. Every part of the Earth has
endured some kind of catastrophic agent whether it be fire, flood, hurricane, tornado, volcano,
earthquake, and yes, even insanity among the human population. If that isn’t enough to deal with
pestilence in the form of Covid 19 has run rapid with many variants. Those of us close to nature see yet
another sign. Our trees are overproducing vegetation and fruits. Extremely heavy fruiting is taking place
in all forms of vegetation. If nothing else the change in the climate and human behavior has let us know
that something is afoot, and things are changing. Things are not going smoothly. There never seems to
be enough time to complete projects or work. There is a lack of balance existing.
As human beings, change causes us stress and makes it very hard to keep a positive balance in
life. And as humans in our misguided consciousness, we tend to reach out externally, for comfort,
consolement, assurance, and for love and wellbeing. With the turbulent times those external needs can
turn to many vices, including drugs, alcohol, etc. Anything that will give us immediate gratification or
provides us with a numbing towards realities we are struggling with.
Many of us know that consciousness and change has to come from within our own creative
selves, but what can be external and maybe makes us feel better from time to time. Maybe a hobby, or a
project we have had our heart set on doing. Maybe another human being. All these help, but what
about unconditional support and love. We don’t always get that in a reciprocity from our fellow human,
and definitely not from material things.
There is though, entities that can give us the complete unconditional support and unending love.
We put a label on them as pets. They maybe dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, Guinea pigs, lizards, turtles, and
yes, even snakes. Ach! Well, the list can go on and on. But, when thinking of reciprocity, I personally
attune to cats, and a particular cat indeedthe RagaMuffin.
First, why would I choose a cat, over other animals and secondly why a RagaMuffin in particular?
Well, cats tend to be kind of self-sufficient. They have a little independent streak in them. They are
definitely quieter than dogs and much more acclimated to the quiet peaceful existence I adore, and they
don’t need as much attention as the dog, yet they are still soft and cuddly without having to give them a
bath to keep them clean or to curb a smell.
So, in answer to my second question, I ask myself what are the ways my RagaMuffins are the
apex in the cat world for me. I believe they give complete surrender as opposed to a lot of breeds. They
will drop in front of me and want their tummy rubbed frequently. Frequently, when I am busy at the
computer or some house maintenance chore they are right there with me. Always close enough we can
touch each other. One of the best traits they have is when I am sad. When my father died last year, they
were the first to come and sit and lie with me. It is comical at times, because they can all pile on top of
my bed or area I am in, just to be close give warmth and a purr that says, “I understand, and I love you.”
When I am in an upbeat mood, or even being bored with what I am doing at a present time.
Here comes a little Gaia, Poosiitha, or Tykee, e.g., with a toy for me to throw for them to fetch and bring
back. Others will skitter sideways to me with back arched to join in a faux challenge. Then, again as I
enter a room one will jump out from behind a door and smack my leg or shoulder, and sometime even
my head ,(depends on their location) to say, “You’re it! Catch me if you can.” Or, just to let you know, “ I
am here!”
Of course, there is not one of my precious RagaMuffins that doesn’t communicate verbally. A few
more than others. And there if the forever quiet message of the eye winks projecting love.

I think I have said it to many of you before, I do not think there is anything sweeter than a two-
week old kitten. So, intricately made, and from birth they can give a little snapping like sound that they
are already purring. They give support and love back ten fold.
So, in hindsight, yes, 2020 has been a rough year, but in my particular case. I have had plenty of
unconditional support from a little loving fury creature called a RagaMuffin. And seeing that we are
approaching the November Holiday of Giving Thanks, I think it is absolutely perfect for me to say, I am
so very, very thankful for my RagaMuffins, because it is a mutual gift they offer.