Building My RagaMuffin Library

author- Lucile Gordon Press                    Presca RagaMuffins

To me, books have always been the basis of knowledge; experience is about applying the knowledge gained from studying the books. Due to a recent event demonstrating an acute lack of knowledge and inexperience in recognizing a common occurrence in cats, it occurred to me I better start looking for help in the event other minor, or major, issues present themselves, thus keeping my blood pressure within normal range.

As a former Pembroke Welsh Corgi breeder (22 years) and a retired ICU Nurse I had an extensive collection of books on every aspect of my Corgis from history to health. And, of course, all kinds of medical reference books pertaining to human health which I still refer to even in todays’ modern and tech savvy world. It occurred to me other Newbies to the world of cats, whether you have a Household Cat, a Show Cat, or are a breeder in training, a few good books could be helpful. Amazon was a great initial resource for me. I purchased five books:

1. Cat Owner’s Home Veterinary Handbook (Third Edition)

2. RagaMuffin Cats as Pets by: Lilly Brown

3. RagaMuffin Cats by: Colette Anderson

4. RagaMuffin Cat: So Sweet They Give You Cavities

 5. The Cornell Book of Cats (Second Edition): Edited by Mordecai Siegal

I’m sure the more experienced members of our Club can recommend other books to add to our collections but I’ve started with these and thought I’d share my list with you. Here’s to healthy purrs and nose-bumps!