Education For Breeders and Veterinarians

author Sara Thornton DVM                                        iCandy RagaMuffins

Now that I have sold my veterinary practice, I want to maintain my license so I can help out another veterinarian if the need arises and do the routine care of my own animals. To keep my license, I need to continue taking approved continuing education. It has never been an issue for me to meet and exceed the required credits. But these days, I have the freedom to concentrate on things that directly interest me most….such as my RagaMuffin cat breeding program.

I recently watched two webinars that were offered for veterinary continuing education credit, but were also open to technicians and breeders. Both were very well done, with good coverage on several subjects. Each provided five hours of education. The first one was the National Kitten Coalition Veterinary Conference. I signed up, knowing I would be unable to attend live, as it was the same day as a cat show. But, they were offering viewing of the recorded sessions at a later date, and by taking a test post viewing, the continuing education certificates were available. The cost of this was very low, maybe $30? in total.

The second one was the Feline Breeder Symposium offered by the University of Pennsylvania . I was able to watch that live. I don’t think later viewing is possible in this case. Again, the price was very reasonable, $75. Both of these seminars were sponsored in part by companies. I would recommend all breeders take the time to sign up and attend these webinars when offered. While most of the information was a good review for me, I always learn something. Both organizations have offerings every year. The webinar format is great. I was able to sit around with my RagaMuffins and utilize my tablet for a good cause!