Cattery Parasite Control

Sara Thornton DVM                                                     iCandy RagaMuffins

The first of the month is a big day here at iCandy RagaMuffins. Every month for years. It’s the day I treat all animals to prevent parasites. The dog gets her heartworm pill along with her flea and tick medicine. The cats are on a program to meet their needs.

The RagaMuffin males and neutered pets have access to a fenced outdoor area completed with dirt, shrubs and trees. That means they all get flea and tick treatment. Yes, even in cold weather. It is not unheard of for a bit of warmer weather to produce the dreaded external parasites. I keep my cats on medication so they NEVER have a flea or a tick. It is much easier to prevent a problem than treat an existing one.

The breeding RagaMuffin females and kittens live in another area of the house. They are treated monthly with a medication that controls fleas, hookworms and roundworms. Even though they don’t go outside, after being a practicing veterinarian for many years, I know indoor only pets can still get fleas. In addition, since my show cats travel to shows and hotels, it is possible for one of the pests to take a ride back home. Internal parasite control is also imperative for the queens and kittens. Roundworms are commonly passed from mother to kitten in the uterus. By maintaining the adults on an appropriate parasiticide, it minimizes infestation of the kittens.

Proper parasite control is an important part of managing animals. I make sure all iCandy RagaMuffins and other pets in the house are up to date with a consistent program.