Planning a Breeding Program

author Sara Thornton DVM                       iCandy RagaMuffins

Putting together and developing a RagaMuffin breeding program is much more than buying a male and a female and allowing them to mate. There are a number of different factors to consider.

First is always health. Starting with vigorous individuals with clear health testing (Health Clearances), current vaccinations and regular parasite control is vital. Potential mates should also be genetically different enough to ensure healthy kittens (Coefficient of Inbreeding)

Evaluating individual type is necessary. Does the cat look like a RagMuffin should look? Each breed has a written standard. If one cat needs bigger, better shaped eyes to fit the standard, breeding to a complimentary mate that has that characteristic, or better yet, has a track record of producing the desired eyes is ideal. Getting a cat out to be evaluated by judges at a CFA or ACFA show may be of benefit for a breeder to get an unbiased opinion on a RagaMuffin.

Another  important consideration is temperament. According to research, the sire has more influence on the temperament of the kittens than the queen. Ideally, both parents should be good representatives of the RagaMuffin personality.

To sum it up, breeding is a complex process with the ideal product being a goal. The perfect RagaMuffin cat does not exist but striving toward that perfection is an art.