Choosing a RagaMuffin


author Sara Thornton DVM                                      iCandy RagaMuffins

When I was closing in on my 50th birthday, I was looking through a magazine called Cat Fancy that regularly arrived at my veterinary hospital. I have always had a passion for cats, so this was one of my favorite magazines to peruse. This issue featured a breed called the RagaMuffin. I read the article and looked at the pictures and decided I was going to look into this breed.

Always a cat lover, I adore long haired cats, but I don’t like dealing with difficult to care for coats. Having a number of rescued random bred long hairs over the years, I knew some were easier to keep up with than others. The description of the RagaMuffin breed included easy care coats.

As a veterinarian, health is, and was, at the top of my list for any cat. Looking at the breed, there was nothing extreme that signals likely chronic health issues. No dwarf legs, no flat faces, only a sweet, pleasing appearance.

As a breeder and exhibitor of pedigreed dogs for years, I decided to look for a breeder. It turned out that there was a breeder less than two hours from me. I did have to wait two years for my first RagaMuffin, but once I got him, I was hooked.

Two years later I got my first show RagaMuffin and then another two years, I got my first breeding RagaMuffin and never looked back.