RagaMuffin Eye Colors

author Lisa Rowe     Heavenly Muffins 

Just like their coat colors RagaMuffins can have a vast array of eye colors.   Of course pointed kitties have blue eyes.  They can come in different shades of blue.   This kitty is a cream silver lynx point and has beautiful blue eyes.


Minks should have blue to aqua eyes and can have green.  The shade will vary with the minks.  This kitty is a blue mink mctabby and has wonderful aqua eyes.  They can also have odd eyes too.

Then you have the white Ragamuffin that can have odd eyed or blue eyes, or even gold or green.  This white baby has blue eyes.

Solid RagaMuffins can have any eye color.  This kitty is a black van and has odd eyes.  His daughter is a silver patch tabby and white with blue eyes.

Sable kitties should have gold to green eyes.   This kitty is a sable tortie and has wonderful gold eye color

This is a champagne mink and white and she has more blue/pale eye color but still the correct color for her coat.

Here is a solid red tabby with gold eyes.

This is a brown patch tabby and white with green eyes.

Jelly Belly Grands!

RagaMuffin cat


author Sara Thornton DVM     iCandy RagaMuffins

It was a good weekend at the cat show in the Philadelphia area. My eighteen month old RagaMuffin Jelly Belly was very close to earning her CFA Grand Championship after her last show. Her career had picked up speed recently and she had earned quite a few points in the last couple of shows.  The goal of this weekend was to try to earn her last few points for her title. She managed to do that, plus some.

Jelly Belly is a beautiful blue cream sepia and white female with an amazing plush coat and striking green eyes. Both of her parents are Grand Champions.  Jelly Belly’s claim to fame among my friends at the shows is her weight. Jelly Belly does not have the trim, athletic physique of many show cats. She is well….chubby. She determined long ago she was going to live up to her name.

Despite the extra weight, she charmed many judges into giving her the points she needed. She did occasionally get a judge comment something to the effect that she must really like to eat at Cracker Barrel. Today, after earning her title yesterday, one judge sincerely congratulated her on the judging table, then followed up by asking if she had celebrated by eating a cake. OK, he insulted my cat, but, it was really funny!

Catification of Your Home


author Christine Santa     SantaCats RagaMuffins

The first step in catification is to determine if your cat is a tree dweller, bush dweller, or some combination thereof. In the case of our home cattery, we have a combination of all of the above!

Depending on how much floor space you have, the first and easiest step is to make or buy a few cat trees. I suggest a variety of different kinds, textures, and heights. You will find that some cats will be attracted to particular materials such as carpet, burlap, sisal, wood, or cardboard. Some cats will prefer to be up high and some will hide in cubbies down low. Place your cat furniture in prime locations for “cat TV”, such as in front of a window with a bird feeder right outside, or next to a very secure aquarium so they cannot injure themselves or any fish.

If floor space is at a premium, you may want to opt for some “wall cat furniture” in the form of burlap lined shelves, cloth ramps, sisal poles, or wooden bridges. Always be sure to attach these to a stud in the wall to ensure they will support the weight of a cat. I must warn you that it can be addictive! When you see your cat prowl and climb with such pride, or lounge with legs dripping over the edge of a structure, you will want to provide him with more fun and adventure.


How to Enter a Cat Show





author Sara Thornton DVM    iCandy RagaMuffins

Thinking about entering a CFA show? It’s easy. Just follow these directions.

1. Go to www.catshows.us to look for shows in the area you are  interested in.

2. Click on the link to the show you want to enter.

3.  A page will come up that lists the judges, place, date, etc.; there will be a link in the middle of the page that says Click Here For Online Entry.                  Click.

4. Fill in the form.

  • Select the show you want to attend from the drop down menu
  • Enter the registered name of your cat
  • Your cat’s CFA registration number
  • Your cat’s birthdate
  • Color class. In RagaMuffins, males are 9800 and females are 9801
  • Choose the breed from the drop down menu
  • Choose the sex of your cat from the drop down menu
  • Fill in your cat’s coat color ( in muffins, this can get complicated!)
  • Choose your cat’s eye color from the drop down menu
  • Fill in the names of your cat’s sire, dam, and breeder
  • The next part is easy….fill in your name, address, etc.
  • If you are not going to a show and someone else is showing your cat, you will need to fill in the Agent section with information on that person
  • Choose the CFA region you are in from the drop down menu. Consult www.cfa.org to determine your region.
  • Choose the class your cat is in from the drop down menu. More on this in the future
  • Decide what extras, if any, that you will want at your show bench. This is the time to ask for a double space for your cat, a grooming area, an end of row spot , etc.
  • If you are bringing your own cage for your cat such as a Sturdi pop up, check the box provided.
  • Ask to bench near a friend to make the day more fun!
  • Don’t forget to type your name in as an electronic signature
  • Put in the email you want your confirmation sent to
  • Repeat for each cat you want to show

5. Email the entry clerk to ensure your entry was received. Once you get the amount due, you may mail the entry clerk a check or in some cases pay at       the door when arriving at the show. The entry clerk information will be on the www.catshows.us show flyer. Once you enter the show, you are                  obligated to pay the fee even if you decided not to attend.

6. Be sure to enter prior to the show closing which will be listed on the flyer. Once the entries close, it’s too late!

7. Whew. Next step…get your cat ready and have a great time!

Thinking of Adding a RagaMuffin Kitten to your Family?


author Amy Gryga/Miller    Sweetlilpaws RagaMuffins

Your RagaMuffin kitten will grow to be one of the largest cats with a coat that has a soft rabbit-like texture.  They enjoy having their tummies rubbed and will often lie on their backs in invitation. These huggable, lovable felines have the ability to go limp in your arms. They are considered to be a medium to large cat.  Maturity is reached between 4 to 5 years of age, and the RagaMuffin remains playful throughout their adult life.

The RagaMuffin will crave attention from their family members. Most of them will develop traits usually associated with puppies, such as: following their family around the house, and waiting for you to come home at the door. Ragamuffins are very intelligent, they are easily taught to walk on a leash and may be taught to do tricks such as fetching, rolling over, sitting up to beg, etc. They get along well with children, dogs and other cats.

Having been bred for an extremely docile nature, the RagaMuffin thinks everyone should be their friend. Not knowing the dangers of the outside world, they are strictly ”indoor members of the family”.

Since the Ragamuffin does not possess normal instincts with which to defend itself, at least not in the same way other cats do, most breeders do not allow declawing of our kittens but instead clip their nails. They tend to be “soft pawed” which means they use their claws less frequently when playing.

Bird vs RagaMuffins

author Sara Thornton DVM    iCandy RagaMuffins

As I do most nights, last night I was sitting in the den on my computer waiting for time to feed the horses. My youngest RagaMuffin Sugar Daddy went running across the room looking up. Another cat did the same. I looked up as well, knowing that it was probably going  to be something I was not going to like. It was a finch. In fact, while I do like birds, I do not like them in my house, mostly because of the path of destruction the cats leave when trying to catch them.

I have a fenced in yard for my RagaMuffins and rescue cats. On rare occasion, something is carried into the house via the small cat door. Apparently, tonight it was a little bird. My guess is that in announcing the prize, the kitty let go of the bird and away it went to roost on my ceiling fan. From there it went on top of the heating unit, multiple pictures, rosettes and round again. Meanwhile, more cats are gathering and making attempts at retrieving the bird. I never see that many of my cats in one room at the same time. Even Squidgy, who is notoriously reclusive came out to participate in this game.

So, I made a try at capturing with my bare hands. No go. Then I got a box and tried to trap my feathered friend under it. Didn’t work. Finally, I stood with a broom and waited. The bird was getting tired of flying around. It flew into a resting spot and missed and fell on the floor. I swooped in with the broom and secured it. I was able to pick it up. It seemed OK, other than being stressed and tired. I then returned it to the great outdoors to fly away. Cats were disappointed, but got over it quickly.

RagaMuffins vs Ragdolls….. What’s the Difference?

author Kristen Wiley  Imperial RagaMuffins

A question we are often asked is what is the difference between a Radoll and a RagaMuffin?  Here are some differences below:

  • RagaMuffins have fewer breeders, making them a rarer breed.
  • Due to our smaller amount of breeders, we have focused as a group more on health, and have striven to rid the breed of the Ragdoll HCM gene.
  • RagaMuffins have a shorter muzzle and more scooped nose.
  • Their head is more round rather than the flatter wedge shape of the Ragdoll.
  • Eyes are walnut shaped rather than almond.
  • RagaMuffins have puffy whisker pads which give them a sweet expression.
  • And of course color!  RagaMuffins can come in a variety of colors and patterns and Ragdolls are only recognized in pointed and bi-color patterns.
  • Eye color- Ragdolls have blue eyes and RagaMuffins can have a variety of colors. 


Cat Show Adventure

author Sara Thornton DVM  iCandy RagaMuffins

Ragamuffin kittenLast weekend was a typical cat show weekend for the most part. I took my kitten Sugar Daddy for his first time being judged. He was nervous Saturday morning. But, as the day wore on, he learned that it was fun being handled by judges and even decided to go up the pole for a toy! He earned several points and ribbons. Sunday was even better. He truly was a happy camper at the show.

I also took Jelly Belly to earn points for her grand championship. Jelly Belly has been to a number of shows, always with her slightly older sister, Pixi Stix. She really never seemed to get the hang of the judging; always sitting in a large lump on the judges table. However, this weekend was different. Pixi Stix stayed home and Jelly Belly decided to be a show cat. She enjoyed the attention of the judges, climbed the pole and played with the toys offered. I was thrilled she was so relaxed. She did well, earning many more points than I expected.

On Sunday, I decided to get both cats pictures done by the professional photographer. Sugar Daddy was a natural in Ragamuffin catsfront of the camera, posing and playing the toys. But, then it was Jelly Belly’s turn. She was NOT happy about the photographer’s tent. In hindsight, I should have just packed it in and taken her out. Instead, I tried to get her used to the tent and relaxed by feeding her treats and petting her. I left and returned to the tent two more times with her. On the last time, she seemed a bit better. The photographer was doing his best to get good photos when Jelly Belly decided she’d had enough and darted out of the tent into the show hall.

Every now and then, the phrase “cat loose” is shouted at a cat show. People know to close exit doors and start looking. This time it was my cat. I could see my Rubenesque cat (she takes her name seriously) zig zagging through the hall, with people pointing as she went by to make sure I could follow. Usually the cat loose at a show is a slinky Egyption Mau or Siamese. This time it was a portly RagaMuffin. Finally, Jelly Belly took a break under a table on top of a crate where she was retrieved and I was relieved.

That incidence was one adventure I would prefer NOT to repeat.



RagaMuffin breeders

Origins of the RagaMuffin Breed

author Lisa Rowe    Heavenly Muffins

In the 1960’s Ann Baker developed the Honey Bears,  Cherubim cats,  Miracle Ragdolls, Doll Babies and the IRCA Ragdolls.  She made these breeds using domestic longhairs, Persians, Birmans and Angoras.  In 1971, Baker created her own cat registry & association known as IRCA (International Ragdoll Cat Association). In December 1975 Ann Baker had the name “Ragdoll” patented for the first time.

In 1979 a group of breeders broke off from Ann Baker and established the Ragdolls as a Championship Breed in TICA.  They took only only certain selected Color Points which became the foundation for current Ragdolls.  No outcrosses were allowed.

In 1994 ACFA recognized the RagaMuffins as a New Breed and Color.  ACFA is considered our historic registry.  In 2000 the first colorpoints were shown in NBC.  In 2001 the RagaMuffin was accepted in the championship class and all colors and patterns could be shown.  Allowed outcross end date for ACFA was 2001 for domestic shorthairs, 2006 for Persians, 2010 for Ragdolls and the current allowable outcross is the Siberian Cat.

In February 2003 the RagaMuffins petitioned and won to be accepted as a new breed in CFA.  In 2011 the RagaMuffins were accepted in Championship status but no colorpoints are currently allowed to be shown.  All colors and patterns, including colorpoints may be registered with CFA.  The allowable outcrosses in CFA were the Persians which ended in 2006 and current allowable outcross is the Selkirk Rex LH straight.  This outcross will end in 2030.

In 2009 the Ragamuffins were accepted in GCCF.  In 2015 the RagaMuffins were accepted in Championship status but no colorpoints are currently allowed to be shown.  All colors and patterns, including colorpoints may be registered with GCCF.  Allowed outcross end date for GCCF was 2001 for domestic shorthairs, 2006 for Persians, 2010 for Ragdolls, 2015 for the Siberian Cats and the current allowable outcross is the British Longhair.

A Rainbow of Colors!


author Kristen Wiley Imperial Rags RagaMuffins


A fun and often confusing topic for RagaMuffin breeders is color. Our breed comes in a plethora of colors and patterns. So, when new kittens are born, it is always exciting to see and decipher what colors we have in our litter.  It can be a daunting challenge for new breeders to learn to recognize the various colors.

Some colors take time to develop before we know what color they are. Color pointed kittens are born all white and develop color first on the tips of the ears a few days after birth. The color spreads and deepens as they mature. Likewise the mink and sable kittens’ color deepens as they get older. A mature sable can often be mistaken for a black cat at first glance!

I love some of the more “traditional” cat colors like black, red, and tortoiseshell. Add a splash of white for a tuxedo or bicolor and I think they look really flashy! Add some tabby stripes and I am in love! Brown tabbies are my absolute favorite! We  have some less seen color possibilities such as chocolate, golden and cinnamon that like to pop in and confuse us. Thankfully, there are laboratories we can use to test color and be certain before we register them if we aren’t sure.

Dilution creates a beautiful wash of lighter colors such as blue, cream, and platinum. Smokes and silvers are always a fun spin on any color. The roots of the hair on these cats are white with the color of the cat on the tips of the hair. This sometimes cannot be discerned until the kittens are a few weeks old or more and the hair grows in length.

This is just a short synopsis of colors we see in RagaMuffins. If you look at our breed standard booklet, the colors listed cover nine pages! No wonder I’ve heard comments from judges on all our colors!