Everyone Wants That Special Kitten


author Laurie Godshall                               High Country Cats

Everyone wants that special kitten.

You know the one- the one who greets your guests, loves your dog, loves cuddling in bed, enjoys affection and physical contact. The one who adores your children and your lap.


Believe me when I say that most, if not every one of us RagaMuffin breeders, works hard to make sure YOU get that kitten. The crucial socialization window is between about 3 -9 weeks, but I’m here to tell you that this is really something that lasts a lifetime. Cats aren’t born loving humans any more than puppies are born to know how to potty outside.


It’s important to remember that RagaMuffin kittens are just like children, in that they all arrive on the planet with their very own, distinct personalities. Some will begin to immediately seek out our voices just before their eyes open at about 2 weeks of age. Some make it clear that they’d prefer only to be touched by their feline mother, thank you very much. And that’s just too bad, because those are the kittens who get handled the most!

We begin handling them at birth, for as much as mama will let us. We talk to them, we kiss them, touch them millions of times by the time they leave our catteries. They will depend on the same from their forever families, lest they regress in the socialization skills we’ve given them. From the time you bring your new kitten home, it’s imperative to continue the socialization of your RagaMuffin.


Handle them. Begin holding your new kitten as soon as possible, for a tad longer than she prefers. Then release her and use your voice to reassure her. Do this the rest of her life.

Touch them. Scritch her neck, run your hand the length of her back, softly pet his head. Brush them and stroke their ears. Touch their feet often, touch their mouth and begin to get them used to you rubbing their gums so that teeth cleaning and nail trims are regular occurrence. (It’s very likely your new kitten has already had several nail trims- it’s important to continue this!) Touch them at every opportunity and show them you are their love source! Do this the rest of their life.

Play with them. Cats, even our sweet RagaMuffins, are natural predators. They need to engage in the hunt for a fulfilling life. Feather teasers, sweat pant drawstrings (too thick to ingest), interactive toys such as The Cat Dancer (stupid simple, inexpensive toy!), Da Bird- are great options. Not only will they get exercise and develop their hunting skills, but interactive playtime is a fantastic bonding opportunity for you and your cat. Set aside 15 min of playtime every day, if possible. Do this the rest of their life.


We work really hard to make sure YOU get ‘that’ cat. It’s so important to do all of the above, and more, so that they REMAIN that cat and don’t develop behavior problems down the road.


Ask not what your cat do for you, but what can you do for your cat! J