RagaMuffin Cat

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Known as the teddy bear of the cat world, RagaMuffin cats are famous for their docile disposition, loving nature and sweet expression. The RagaMuffin breed is known to be a healthy, robust breed with many sporting an easy care coat that makes an ideal family pet. RagaMuffin cats often have relaxed, chill temperaments that allow lots of cuddle time!

The sweet expression is due to a combination of large walnut shaped eyes and puffy whisker pads. RagaMuffin cats come in a vast array of  colors and patterns along with varying eye colors, making it difficult to have a favorite!

Many members of the RagaMuffin Cat Fanciers endeavor to promote RagaMuffins through exhibition at cat shows. Look for a cat show near you at www.catshows.us and check out the RagaMuffins! If you are interested in adding one of these precious RagaMuffin kittens to your household, we have breeder listings here.


RagaMuffin History


When is a RagaMuffin NOT a RagaMuffin?



RagaMuffin cats


RCF officers 2021-2022
President: Laurie Godshall- High Country RagaMuffins
Vice President: Terri Cassiday- Xpressions RagaMuffins
Secretary:  Sara Thornton- iCandy RagaMuffins
Treasurer: Terri Myers- Country Muffins
Director of Marketing and Fundraising: Lucile Press- Presca RagaMuffins



club email: RagaMuffincatfanciers@gmail.com

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