My Kittens Look Like What?

RagaMuffin kitten

author Terri Cassiday                            Xpressions RagaMuffins

RagaMuffin kittenIt was a big day for the kittens. It was time to load them up and take them to the veterinarian. All six fluffy RagaMuffin kittens. I checked them in with the receptionist with all six kittens pressing their faces against the carrier trying to get a better look. The staff was admiring them and I started to puff up with mommy pride. Several of them followed me into the room to get a better look and a chance to hold them. Cameras came out snapping pictures of my beauties. The compliments poured out and I kept puffing up.

When the veterinarian came in, she literally squealed with joy! She started her examinations and we chit chatted about the easy going, soft, fluffy RagaMuffin breed. A vet tech I had never met before walked in and immediately scooped up a kitten to cuddle…another admirer! I thought I would burst with pride!

Then….POP! The vet tech said that the kittens looked like a Lykoi. A Lykoi….really? Lykoi’s are a breed that are cute in their own way, but in no way


look like a RagaMuffin. My face must have said it all because the vet tech started to explain how they were similar. I quickly tried to recover and came to the conclusion that she had never seen one. I asked her ( politely) if she had ever seen a Lykoi. She lit up and told me yes. They had one in the clinic the other day. Again I stood there with my mouth to the ground. The veterinarian looked at me…the vet tech…at me…and quickly changed the subject. I love my vet.

All went well with the kittens. They were healthy and behaved well. What more could I ask for? On the journey home, I recounted the appointment and I started to chuckle. Next thing on my agenda was to share the story with my breeder friends. We shared a good laugh.

It’s been a few months since this appointment. I wanted to share this with all of you. These days everyone could use a good laugh.

RagaMuffin kitten