And Then There Were Two!


Author Patti Grow, cat lover

Ragamuffin catFudgie has everything and anything he could possibly want in a feline’s life. He has four new humans,
three dogs that all but roll out the red carpet for him when he walks by, and one heck of a waiter staff
that serves him breakfast, dinner and occasional treats – in bed. What more could a RagaMuffin absolutely need or
want in life?

As the weeks wore on, my two sons kept saying that Fudgie “needs a buddy”. How dare they utter
such nonsense? I was all that Fudgie would ever need. Wasn’t I? I have already told you that after he
decided that I was “just an okay human”, we formed a very strong bond. He followed me everywhere,
he rubbed up against my legs, he purred loudly and looked up at me lovingly with his enormous green RagaMuffin
eyes, and he even slept right alongside me in bed. What more could he possibly desire?

My oldest son especially insisted that Fudgie needs a buddy – a feline buddy. After my large ego settled,
I began to think that he may be the slightest bit correct in is explanations. I, however, still wasn’t about
sharing Fudgie’s attention with anyone else. So, I came up with 101 reasons (excuses) of why Fudgie
doesn’t need a cat friend. It all sounded great – to me at least!

As the weeks ensued, I was beginning to realize that the my son’s rationale about getting another feline
could be what Fudgie needs – in addition to me, of course! Well, one day my son brought home a tinyRagaMuffin kitten
little girl kitten that can best be described as a ball of glistening white fur with very light chocolate
markings. Welcome into our home, Chanel!

Of course upon Chanel’s arrival, we kept her in a tiny room and followed all of the recommended
guidelines for introducing a new pet into a household with other pets. My mind began to race with
random unrelated questions: What if they don’t get along? What if he doesn’t like her? What if he is
angry with me for getting another addition to the feline family in this house? What if he doesn’t care for
her kitten food (since I had anticipated him stealing a kibble or two)?

Well, the big day came when Fudgie and Chanel would meet. I knew in my mind it wasn’t going to go
well at all. After a few low growls and hisses (mostly from Chanel), they became best buddies! And you
already know the rest of the happy ending of this story. RagaMuffin Fudgie absolutely adores his younger sister!
They run together, play together, and even catnap together! He washes her because you know, Chanel
doesn’t really do a great job of washing herself – according to Fudgie.

All in all, he is thankful for a feline friend. Chanel is happy for her big brother. I am happy that they are
both happy! Seeing Fudgie content and happy makes ME happy – for now! Fudgie confirmed deep
down what I already knew (but didn’t admit to knowing) – my heart and arms are always big enough to
welcome more felines into my human world! These lovely darlings make them especially easy to love.
Pondering question of the day – when will there be three? 🙂