Cat Show Experience

Ragamuffin cat

author Lucile Gordon Press                                     Presca Rags and Rescues


Having been nowhere since the beginning of Covid and only seeing one or two real people at a time to walk into a huge room filled with people, cats, and cat paraphernalia was a shock to my system! Believe me, there were moments where I thought to myself, “what the hell was I thinking”?!!

The boys and I live such a quiet, safe, life here I’m sure Levi and RagaMuffin Tavi probably thought I had lost my mind and dragged them into utter chaos.

Lots of unfamiliar human voices, stressed cats meowing, camping in a show tent, being dragged out and combed within an inch of their lives only to be dropped off into a white show cage and then have a total stranger take them out and fondle them only to be returned to that white show cage again was scary. The good news, Mom always showed up to carry us back to the borrowed pink show tent and give us treats.

Today we learned we’ll be doing this all over again in July. Oy vey, the life of a show cat!