RagaMuffin Coats

RagaMuffin cat

GC BWR RW iCandy Fudge Ripple, has an excellent example of a RagaMuffin coat.

author Sara Thornton DVM                             iCandy RagaMuffins

The CFA RagaMuffin breed standard calls for a coat that is medium to medium long in length with the texture being soft, dense and silky.  Sounds great doesn’t it? The truth is there is a spectrum of coats in the RagaMuffin breed.

My personal preference is a medium length silky and dense coat. I want a low maintenance coat. My first RagaMuffin had a long coat that was very fluffy and, yes, tended to mat. There is Persian in the origins of the RagaMuffin breed and many muffins have a Persian or two in their ancestry. Because of this, an occasional RagaMuffin will have a coat that is more effort to maintain.

As a breeder, I do the best I can to avoid the more difficult coats . My goal is to have soft, silky, luxurious non-matting coats on every cat. But, realistically, there is no fighting genetics. There is always a possibility the longer, fluffier Persian coat could slip in every now and then.

TICA registered “RagaMuffins” are not authentic RagaMuffins; they are Ragdolls bred to any other breed, often Persians. These “RagaMuffins” are visible on the Internet with obvious Persian coats that require much more time and effort to look good.

One of the things that attracted me to this breed in the first place was being able to keep them looking good with only a weekly comb through for most cats. Some muffins love to be groomed and ask for it frequently. To be honest, I‘m not a groomer at heart, but my cats are pretty easy to keep up with. They are on a schedule for grooming  including nail trims so I can be sure they all look and feel their best.

When It All Goes Right

RagaMuffin kitten

Author- Cristen Dillard         Magnolia Rags
As a breeder, we hope everything will always go right. We plan. We test. We think and pray. Our beloved girls get pregnant, and we anticipate the arrival. Closer to due date, we pamper the girls more. Make sure they eat plenty. Rub their backs, and never fall for the “rub my belly” pose. Lol.
The due date comes. We plan to never leave the house for days until the little ones are safely here. Behind the scenes in a good cattery, theres so much worry and stress!
But we cant let on about that!
This week my girl, Della, was due. The last three births with my girls had been traumatic in one way or another. It tested my grit beyond measure. I even thought about quitting because my heart was broken.
So to say I was nervous is putting it mildly. Della woke me up at 7:30 Dec 21, and let me know it was time. Before noon, we had three beautiful, perfectly healthy looking classic tabbies. Each birth was simple and straight forward. No scares. No resuscitations. No vigorous rubbing needed. Della did it all while I waited to see if any help was needed. What a blessing it was that it was uneventful! We just cant ever take that for granted. Everything working as it should. Plenty of milk. And everyone is happy. I guess these moments are what keeps us going as we try to preserve this wonderful breed.