Storm Phobia

Ragamuffin cat

RagaMuffin Crispy is afraid of storms


Author Sara Thornton DVM                      iCandy RagaMuffins


Most of the time when one thinks about a pet being scared during a thunderstorm, it is about dogs. But, cats, too, can be afraid of storms. Between the noise of thunder, the flash of lightning and the change of barometric pressure, it is no wonder that some kitties can become frightened. So what can cat owners do to to alleviate the fear? There are a number of things. No one thing will be a miracle cure. The first is allowing the kitty to claim a spot where it is most comfortable such as the basement, under a table, in a litter box.

The next thing is to pair the storm with something the cat loves such as a vigorous teaser play session or a special treat slowly fed in abundance. A RagaMuffin kitten owner recently decided to brush her fearful kitty during storms as that activity is one cat truly enjoys. The whole idea is for the pet to evenually think about the enjoyable activity when a storm begins.

There are also a couple of supplements that may be helpful in the event of a thunderstorm. Both Zylkene and Composure are easily obtainable and may be effective in easing storm anxiety. If one doesn’t help, try the other one as they have different active ingredients. If there are still issues, do not hesitate to ask a veterinarian for a prescription antianxiety medication.

What a Kitten Buyer Should Ask a Breeder

author Cristen Dillard                    Magnolia RagaMuffins

After a couple of people contacted me, interested in a kitten, it seems most buyers are oblivious to the questions they should be asking the breeder. As a breeder, I have a list of questions I ask every one that is seriously wanting a kitten. I want to know where my baby may be going. I dont take that lightly but buyers also need to think of the questions they should ask. Not how much the kitten costs, but try to find out what type kittens the breeder is raising. A buyer should try to make sure they are not purchasing from a back yard breeder, or a scam. Things I think we should ask a breeder before we adopt:

1. May I see the pedigree?

2.Have your lines been tested for HCM? PKD, FeLv, etc.

3. What is your cattery set up?

4. How many litters do you have a year?

5. What do you feed your cats?

6. Are kitten vaccinations done at the vet?

7. How do you socialize your kittens? (Socialization is way more than do they like people!)

8. May I see pics of where the kittens grow up? The adults? Are they raised in your home with the family?

9. Ask yourself, why is this kitten so much less than the others I contacted.

10. Are your cats ACFA/CFA/GCCF registered?

11. Probably way more things to consider.